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Again, it was our privilege to be able to host the first Value Capture webinar that was titled:

Habitual Excellence Starts with Safety — Before, During, and After a Crisis [eBook]

Ken Segel, our Value Capture CEO, was joined by Michael Bundy, Chief Executive Officer of Prisma Health Baptist Hospital and Prisma Health Baptist Parkridge Hospital, and Missy Danforth, Vice President of Health Care Ratings for The Leapfrog Group. You can view the webinar recording.

You can now also read Mike Bundy's conversation with Ken Segel in a PDF eBook format!


  • Learning from Paul O’Neill About Theoretical Limits
  • Relentlessly Pursuing Zero Harm
  • Making Time to Pursue Root Cause Analysis and Theoretical Limits
  • The Waste Created by “Missing Pancake Syrup” and the Power of “What If”
  • The CEO Leads by Example and Teaches Others
  • Encouraging and Supporting Real-Time Problem Solving
  • How The CEO and Other Leaders Keep the Focus on Safety
  • “Rallying the Troops” or the Team
  • Supporting the Team That’s Faced Strain, Stress, and Exhaustion
  • Driving and Recognizing Results
  • The Role of External Validation and Ratings

Key results:

On the Prisma Health Parkridge campus, they went:

  • 552 days without a CAUTI
  • 469 days without a CLABSI
  • 177 days with no C. diff.
  • 426 days since a colon SSI
  • 77 days since a hysterectomy SSI
  • 335 days since a hip SSI
  • 2,548 days since a knee SSI
  • 2,548 days since a VAP

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