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Steve Stenberg has over 30 years of experience in healthcare, manufacturing, and aerospace. During his career, Steve has held front-line leadership roles, engineering, and numerous executive leadership positions. Steve’s vast lean knowledge and experience applying the Toyota Production System philosophies began while working at Donnelly Corporation. While there, Steve had the privilege to learn from a former Toyota executive, and together, their work was the subject of numerous Society of Manufacturing videos and feature articles.

For the past six years, Steve worked as an executive leader in a large non-profit healthcare system in Michigan. Through his collaborative and practical approach, he established cascading huddles, an "obeya" process focused on strategic execution of the organization’s priorities. Additionally, he led A3 problem solving, leader standard work, and enterprise-wide management systems. This work resulted in a dramatic reduction in sepsis mortality, improved door-to-balloon time in the ED, and a significant reduction in surgical site infections.

Steve is an accomplished speaker and author. He is a contributing author for the Shingo Prize-winning book, Leveraging Lean in Healthcare. He is a co-author of The Lean Practitioner’s Field Book, and his extensive work in ambulatory practices led to another publication on how to engage physician leadership.

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Industrial Engineering, Muskegon Community College 

Executive Management, University of Notre Dame 

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