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Selected Insights from the Habitual Excellence Podcast

In our latest eBook, we're sharing quotes and highlights from the first 25 episodes of our podcast, Habitual Excellence

The PDF eBook format includes 70 quotes, with pages designed for easy sharing or for posting on team huddle boards. Think of it as a "quote a day calendar" without the dates! This eBook is easily browseable, even if you read one quote a day to reflect on — individually or as a team.


In 2020, Value Capture launched a podcast series that we titled "Habitual Excellence." That's a phrase with significant meaning to us because it was used by the late Paul H. O'Neill, Sr. as a leader and as a healthcare improvement advocate.

To O'Neill, "Habitual Excellence" meant striving to be the best in the world at all things your organization does. The foundations for Habitual Excellence (as detailed in the eBook A Playbook for Habitual Excellence) include starting with safety as a pre-condition and the goal of Zero Harm.

Building the habits that are required to achieve Zero Harm (to providers and patients) then leads to excellence in all dimensions, including quality, patient flow, and the bottom line.

This eBook is a collection of quotes from the first 25 guests who appeared on Habitual Excellence. Some of them were directly influenced by O'Neill and some share similar mindsets that have taken them toward Habitual Excellence.

The quotes are not presented in any particular order. You might choose one quote a day to read and reflect on, individually or with your team. Feel free to print pages for your huddle board or your own office wall.

To listen to a particular episode number, go to www.ValueCaptureLLC.com/HEx, where "x" is the episode number shown on the page.

Quoted Podcast Guests: