This page will point you to some introductory self-study resources about Psychological Safety. At Value Capture, we aim to improve our own internal level of Psychological Safety and we work with our clients to create the conditions for higher levels in their teams and organizations. 

The connections are clear that higher levels of Psychological Safety results in:

  • More improvement and innovation
  • Lower employee turnover
  • Better organizational performance, in general

Please read our article titled, "Psychological Safety and its Essential Link to Continuous Improvement."

Below, you can find some options for a quick introduction / recap (viewing or reading), as well as some options for deeper dive materials (listening, viewing, or reading). 

Introductory Materials

Want to get a quick baseline in a short amount of time?

Short Intro Videos 

LeaderFactor has excellent free videos on its website and YouTube channel. 

Short Intro Reading: 

Deeper Dive Materials

Want to learn more? Great!

Deeper Dive Option #1: Podcasts  

LeaderFactor has an excellent podcast titled “Culture by Design.”

They have episodes that provide a deeper dive than the videos.

We also recommended the other episodes that explore these concepts in a conversational way. 

Deeper Dive Option #2: Webinars 

If you’d prefer to watch or listen to webinars from LeaderFactor, check these out (all are about 60 minutes):

Deeper Dive Option #3: Reading 

Let's Talk!

Do you want to discuss these concepts with a member of the Value Capture team? Would you like to assess your organization's baseline level of perceived Psychological Safety as a starting point for improvement? Please reach out today for a no-obligation discussion.

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