It’s very common for staff to be frustrated because they are constantly looking for supplies or hoarding things to ensure they always have what they need to do their job. This is not an ideal situation for staff or patients.

We will work with you to Make Supplies Flow in a way that will alleviate these challenges.

Our advisors have decades of experience developing, coaching, and making supplies flow in healthcare and Fortune 500 companies from diverse industries.

frustrated nurse who has to search for supplies

We can help you design a holistic system that delivers the right supplies, to the right place, at the right time no matter where in your healthcare organization you need it.

One East Coast health system achieved:
95% reduction in stock-outs
saving $3.2 million in supplies
and eliminated 29,000 hours of wasted nursing time spent searching for missing supplies

Making Supplies Flow will enable you to: 

Focus on Patient Care
Focus on patient care with fewer distractions
Provide Clear Signals
Provide clear signals to replenish or reorder
Reduce inventory costs
Reduce inventory costs
Engage team members and suppliers
Engage team members and suppliers

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When you Make Supplies Flow: 

  • Staff have what they need, when and where they need it - with no delays
  • Reduce inventory costs and have fewer stock-outs
  • Increase staff engagement 

Don’t allow your staff to continue to waste time searching for what they need to do their job. This only leads to frustration and decreased staff engagement, and potentially impacts patient care.