At Value Capture, our mission, vision, and values are incredibly important to us, and they connect deeply to our clients, their goals, and our work.

Our Mission: 

Habitual excellence, starting with safety.

Our Vision: 

Health systems that produce perfect health with zero harm, wait or waste — for patients, team, enterprise and community.

Our Values:

Safety – Physical and psychological safety are a fundamental right, a transformational aim, and an organizational state that make the greatest human achievements possible.

Dignity and Respect – We treat every individual with dignity and respect in every encounter, without regard to race, gender identity, sexual orientation, educational attainment, or any other distinguishing characteristic.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion – As a foundation of excellence, we treasure our differences, engage everyone, and actively work to overcome disparities. 

Integrity and Trust – We think, speak, and act honestly, ethically, and courageously in service of truth and facts, and establish trustworthiness through the consistency in our values, words, and behaviors, without exception.

People Development – We believe in and recognize the infinite potential of oneself and others and work tirelessly to realize that potential.

Servant Leadership – We believe it is every leader’s purpose and responsibility to continually provide the tools, training, resources, development, and encouragement that individuals need to make daily contributions that add meaning to their lives.

Excellence – We believe people want to do outstanding and meaningful work and are capable of achieving the theoretical limits of performance, such as zero harm. Excellence is a habit, therefore we strive to be the best in the world at everything we do every day.

We have also published our statement on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.