Internal improvement teams often lack the experience and skills to effectively help healthcare leaders. While these individuals may have deep experience from other industries, or are former clinicians with a passion for quality improvement, they may not have developed the coaching capabilities to translate organizational excellence principles to the healthcare leaders they support in a way that drives sustainable results and behaviors. 

We can help develop your improvement professionals in organizational excellence principles, systems, and tools through a variety of didactic and experiential learning activities, equipping them with the knowledge and capability to coach healthcare leaders on their improvement journey and achieve the results they need.            

Value Capture has nearly 20 years of experience developing improvement teams at dozens of organizations, including Duke Health, Legacy Health, Children’s MN, UC Davis Health, Maricopa County Department of Public Health, and many more. 

Rear View of Young Office Workers in Casual Outfits Listening to a Top Manager Explaining Something Using Illustrations.

Program Components

Psychological safety
  • Paul O'Neill's Trilogy
  • The 4 Stages of Psychological Safety
  • Cultural assessment
Organizational excellence principles
  • The Shingo Model
  • Organizational excellence principles
  • The 3 essential systems
  • Rules in Use: the principles for designing, operating, and improving all work
A3 thinking
  • 4 types of problems
  • Real-time problem-solving/4C
  • Toyota 8-steps problem-solving
  • Plan/strategy A3
  • A3 coaching
  • Nemawashi: preparing the ground for improvement
  • Partner with a leader and team to practice coaching A3 thinking with a real organizational problem
Go and see
  • Pathway observation
  • Problem/activity observation
  • Go and see practice in real work locations in your organization
  • Pathway diagram and process mapping practice
Lean design
  • Fundamentals of the Toyota Production System (TPS) and the TPS house
  • Error-proofing
  • Visual management and 5S
  • Flow and pull
  • Ideal condition / target condition / hypothesis / plan to test the hypothesis
  • Application of the Rules in Use to redesign work
  • Experiential learning activity: simulation with Lego
Daily engagement system
  • Strategy deployment
  • Improvement boards
  • Daily improvement huddles
  • Leader standard work
  • Practice coaching development of a daily engagement system with leaders in your organization
Coaching for improvement
  • Dialogic framework
  • Humble inquiry
  • Improvement and coaching kata activity
  • Coaching practice
  • Coaching and problem-solving matrices
  • Behavioral assessment 
And much more
  • Value stream analysis
  • Rapid improvement events
  • Skills matrix self-assessment
  • Systems thinking and system design
  • Virtual coaching tools and techniques

Developing an Effective Internal Improvement Team will enable you to: 

Focus on Patient Care
Achieve sustainable, principles-based improvement to get results that matter to your patients, staff, and community
Engage team members and suppliers
Engage executives, leaders, and team members in daily improvement
Reduce inventory costs
Reduce consulting costs


  • I learned and grew as a process improvement consultant. I was able to practice the principles we learned in real application. I met some wonderful people in the process.

    Senior Consultant UC Davis Health

  • Taking this training with Value Capture was literally life-changing. The information was given in an easily-digestible manner, and I am going to apply it.

    Project Coordinator UC Davis Health

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