Become a Senior Advisor

We are seeking talented, principles-driven advisor candidates who want to join us in our mission of helping healthcare leaders pursue habitual excellence, starting with safety.  Value Capture is a trusted advisory firm based in Pittsburgh with team members located across North America.  

We have a rich history and deep roots extending back into direct connections and experience with Alcoa, guided by Toyota, forming the essence of the Value Capture way.  Paul O’Neill demonstrated that by pursuing an unarguable goal (no harm to employees) an organization can learn to become excellent.  Rooted deeply in respect for all individuals, our advisory work is a blend of developing trusted relationships combined with our expertise in Toyota Production System principles.   We aim to shift leader paradigms and demonstrate how to connect theories/concepts with practical applications.   As we develop leaders, they in turn develop their organizations. 

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How we work:   Senior Advisors travel to client sites and work “shoulder to shoulder," typically 3 weeks per month, advising leaders from the boardroom to the front line.  In a normal week, advisors travel Mondays, returning home late Thursdays with Fridays carved out for customer-specific planning, internal planning/improvement, and team development. 

If this sounds interesting to you, we’d love to learn more about you! 

We will ask for a little work up front, to help give us some shared information and experience to discuss.  Our process is designed to be both thorough and efficient, although we can always improve.  If you have suggestions to make it better, please share.   

Please send your current resume/CV and your answers to the questions below to Courtney Dunning at

  1. We believe safety is an inarguable goal and that all organizations should pursue zero harm, for employees, patients, visitors, etc.   Please share your experience with leading or advising leaders toward significantly improved safety-specific performance.
  2. Please share an example from your experience where you played a key role in either leading or guiding a leader/leadership team, to significantly improve performance across a major portion of an organization.
  3. Please share your background with Toyota Production System principles including how you were taught and how you developed capability with these principles.
  4. What are you looking for in a new position?


Once we receive your resume/CV and answers to the questions we will coordinate a call with you and multiple members of our leadership team. If deemed helpful, some candidates spend a day observing our team in action at a client. Throughout the process, we assess you in terms of what we look for in a Senior Advisor and you assess us to help come to a mutual decision and ideally the start of a successful relationship.

If you have any questions please contact Courtney Dunning at or Bill Boyd at