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Value Capture supports leaders who seek to dramatically improve the performance of their healthcare organization. 

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We partner with healthcare executives to help design improvement systems and embed a learning culture that allow everyone to solve problems to root cause, at accelerating rates, while reducing waste and harm. Our proven transformation process drives profound improvement and sustained excellence across safety, clinical, engagement, financial and other measures

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Founded in 2005 with former Alcoa CEO and U.S. Treasury Secretary Paul O’Neill, Value Capture is a trusted principles-based advisory firm, comprised of world-renowned innovators and experts in quality, safety, and profitability in healthcare, manufacturing, and other industries. We are proud to serve as a Preferred Partner to Catalysis, and a Licensed Affiliate of the Shingo Institute.

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We collaborate with your team, employing methodologies and coaching techniques rooted in operational excellence principles, to help you create the people-development structures, learning culture, and improvement systems to achieve excellent outcomes. We help you build the systems that work for you so that improvement becomes the way that your organization conducts business, every single day.

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Who is Value Capture?

Trusted advisory group founded in 2005.

Our trusted expert advisors come from a variety of backgrounds and are experienced in system transformations.

Our mission is habitual excellence, starting with safety. 

Our vision is health systems that produce perfect health, with zero harm, wait, or waste — for patients, clients, team, enterprise, and community.

Our True North is to the best trusted advisory firm in the world — supporting and developing health system leaders who are driving toward this vision, by fully living and practicing the principles and systems that we teach.

The Founding of Value Capture

In 2005, Value Capture was founded with Paul H. O’Neill, Sr., former Alcoa CEO and US Treasury Secretary, whose innovative thinking made Alcoa the safest workplace in the world. As a consequence of this achievement, O’Neill realized another important outcome – an increase in the company’s efficiency and profitability.

Building upon the pioneering work of a community collaborative in Pittsburgh to prove that zero harm and perfect clinical outcomes were possible, Paul O’Neill, Jr. had a vision that this work could be accelerated and expanded around the country through partnerships with healthcare CEOs and their teams; they could use the same principles to run their entire organizations, not just succeed in individual projects.

Prior efforts produced strong evidence that it is possible to not only eliminate harm and quality defects, but make work easier and reduce the cost. Those efforts also revealed, however, that absent ongoing and direct involvement, even supportive leaders were less likely to lead successful transformation efforts.   

Founding members, recruited by Paul O’Neill, Jr. to help found Value Capture, included Paul O’Neill, Sr., as non-Executive Chairman, whose principle-driven leadership inspired the firm; he served Value Capture until he passed in April 2020. Lisa BeckwithLeslie CorakGeoff Webster, and Kenneth Segel were founding members and remain with the firm to this day.  

For over a decade, O’Neill’s passion for reducing healthcare costs and improving healthcare safety has been channeled into the work at Value Capture, where the methodology has been honed.

Today, the distinguished team of advisors and thought leaders at Value Capture seeks to help you and your organization achieve habitual excellence via one unifying focus, one value-based structure, and one performance system.

In other words, we help you capture dramatically more value through achieving perfect care and perfect safety for patients and staff. 


We developed the approach with world leaders in quality, safety, and profitability, inside and outside healthcare. Starting with some of the earliest proofs that perfect safety and financial gain go hand-in-hand in American hospitals, Value Capture has helped CEOs from community hospitals to the nation’s largest academic medical centers to integrated delivery systems tailor the strategy to their unique circumstances to produce hardwired results.

Our principle-based methods are helping healthcare organizations across the country capture and sustain astonishing increases in safety, quality, efficiency, and satisfaction, all while lowering costs.

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With our individualized approach, we help you work through key issues, teaching you how to lead the transformation.

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Our transformation model shows you how we move from assessment to alignment and execution.

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Through intensive seminars, we’ll help you learn, test and hone the leadership framework necessary to achieve change.

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Value Capture is proud to be recognized for creating profound, positive, and sustainable changes in healthcare.