Continuous Learning Leads to Continuous Improvement

Duke HomeCare and Hospice

Duke Health has partnered with Value Capture since 2018 to help evolve its Duke Quality System via an organization-wide commitment to zero harm for Duke’s patients, their loved ones, and Duke team members — i.e., no one injured while interacting with Duke Health.

White Paper Sections:

  • Path to Improvement
  • Overcoming Challenges
  • Changed Practices, Better Performance
  • Culture for Continuous Improvement

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Pursuing Habitual Excellence

Sutter Health

Sutter Health has had a long history of applying lean concepts to processes, providing award-winning healthcare services, and striving for operational excellence. How did Sutter drive improvement with the help of Value Capture? Read the white paper to find out.

White Paper Sections:

  • Plan for Primary Care Improvement
  • Focus on Safety
  • Understanding the Current State
  • Imagining an Ideal State
  • Systems for Operational Excellence
  • Pilot Outcomes

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