Past Webinars: 

Strategies for Reducing Length of Stay in Hospital Settings: A Multidisciplinary Approach

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Unlocking the Keys to Regaining Stability and Competitive Advantage: The Power of Operating Systems

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Getting to Zero Harm for Patients and Staff with DEIA and Psychological Safety Concepts

A panel discussion with a team of leaders from Value Capture, LLC, clinicians, continuous improvement professionals, and DEIA practitioners.

Getting to Zero Harm Webinar

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Why Does the U.S. Need a National Patient Safety Board?

A lively and informative panel discussion with:

  • Karen Wolk Feinstein, PhD, President and CEO of the Pittsburgh Regional Health Initiative and
  • Ken Segel, CEO of Value Capture.

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Using a Rapid-Cycle Learning System to Tackle Turnover & Attrition

Duke Home Health (DHH) faced a crisis of nursing turnover, even before COVID hit. Staffing retention is a major issue across all of healthcare. Please join us for this impactful and practical webinar regardless of where you work within the broader healthcare system — home health or otherwise!

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Rapid Cycle Learning System to Tackle turnover and attrition


Seizing the Healthcare Safety Opportunity: Using the “Playbook” of Paul O’Neill

Presented on October 18, 2022 by Ken Segel, CEO of Value Capture, and Mark Graban, Senior Advisor with Value Capture.

The webinar will bring Paul O’Neill’s approach to life for attending leaders by comparing typical practices in healthcare with case examples from Alcoa and the institutions in healthcare that have applied this "playbook."

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Equity and Engagement: An Approach to Improving Staff Vaccination Rates

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When: December 7, 2021 — 1 pm ET (60 minutes) 

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Who: Presented by a team of clinicians and leaders from Legacy Health

What: Learn a powerful approach to increasing hospital workforce COVID vaccination rates, ahead of the CMS January 4 deadline.

Learn how they designed, iterated, and employed a multi-pronged approach, through a health equity lens, to achieve a double-digit increase in COVID vaccination rates.


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Applications of Lean Leadership Methods in Home-Based Care

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When: October 12, 2021 — 1 pm ET (60 minutes)

Who: Presented by Cooper Linton
Associate Vice-President, Duke HomeCare & Hospice

What: You'll hear practical and actionable leadership lessons for any setting, not just home-based care. 


cooper linton value capture webinar
duke homecare hospice

Related Material

White Paper:

You can also read a white paper about the improvement and culture change work that DHCH has been doing: "Continuous Learning Leads to Continuous Improvement“:

Get the DHCH White Paper


Listen to a podcast that features Cooper Linton and Benita Pope, talking about "Leadership for Safety, Problem Solving, and Continuous Improvement at Duke HomeCare and Hospice."

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Additional Webinars Available for On-Demand Viewing


Habitual Excellence Starts with Safety: Before, During and After a Crisis

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More Webinars by Value Capture People:

Learning Your Way to Perfection

Value Capture's Bill Boyd presents a webinar that was hosted by the Shingo Institute, a valued partner of our firm.

Improving the COVID Vaccination Process: Lessons from the Field (Expert Panel Discussion)

Healthcare leaders from the private and public sectors will share their experiences with the COVID vaccine administration processes — what is working, what is not, and how Lean is helping make these processes better. Hosted by our partner, KaiNexus.

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Leading with Respect: Standard Work for Frontline Leaders

Didier Rabino, Client Advisor at Value Capture, and Jennifer Ashley, Site Supervisor Sutter Health share the concepts of frontline leader standard work and their practical applications.

Learning Objectives:

  • Explain the frontline leader's role and responsibilities
  • Define process and tools to support the frontline leader’s standard work

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Pursuing Zero Harm: A Powerful Platform for Embedding Lean Capability

Meghan Scanlon presents a webinar that was hosted by KaiNexus, a valued partner of Value Capture.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • The strategy behind an organization's True North and setting goals at perfect
  • The power of safety as a value and how to use it to engage people in improving their work
  • Critical capabilities you need to develop in your organization on a transformational journey of operational excellence

How Do We Leverage Improvement Teams?

Didier Rabino presents a webinar that was hosted by Catalysis, a valued partner of Value Capture.

Improve Your Lean Management System With a Simple Chart

Mark Graban presents a webinar that was hosted by Lean Frontiers.