“Value Capture offers leaders the hope, through proven principles, of perfecting outcomes while saving literally millions of hard dollars. The approach produces those results by helping frontline staff succeed in meeting needs every time – which builds skill, satisfaction and morale in a remarkable way. I would not be where I am without my learning from the people at Value Capture.”

Richard Shannon, MD, Chief Clinical Quality Officer, Duke University Health System

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Guided Self-Assessment with Value Capture

Assessing where your organization stands, and how to move forward toward excellence — it can seem daunting. 

Setting a path toward excellence requires senior leaders to come together to better craft an operating system that will enable the organization to act as one, moving together in the right direction, consistently and sustainably.

But do you really know where your organization stands and what steps to take to get alignment and cultural change? Value Capture can help guide you through a proven process that will help.

Many healthcare leaders aren't sure where to start to build a culture of excellence and world-class performance. With our Guided Self-Assessment, we guide you to understand where your organization stands and to develop a plan toward habitual excellence so leaders are aligned toward a successful improvement path.

How it works

Discover Your Current State

Senior Leaders will analyze the current state of their organization with Value Capture guidance

Understand Excellence

Leaders will be exposed to experiential learning and best practices

Develop a Plan

The leadership team will define the steps needed to achieve their aligned vision

Value Capture is Trusted by

  • Value Capture advisors have 250 years of combined experience guiding leaders to achieve culture transformation
  • Improving healthcare is our passion and our sole focus as an organization
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With this Guided Self-Assessment you will: 

  • Align senior leaders to better see, think, and act as one team
  • Identify practical approaches for improving organizational performance
  • Gain ownership of the organization's culture


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