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President, Advisory Business. Certified Facilitator of the Shingo Institute.


Mr. Webster is a co-founding principal of Value Capture. He leads Value Capture's advisory business.  In this role, he guides our teams as they support CEOs of healthcare organizations dedicated to perfecting worker and patient safety and unleashing the full potential of employees by empowering them to design value-added meaningful work.

Prior to forming Value Capture, Mr. Webster was a co-founder and Director of the Pittsburgh Regional Healthcare Initiative (PRHI). He helped conceptualize, develop and lead this regional performance-based health reform initiative, achieving best-in-nation regional results in the elimination of several classes of risk for patients.

A former healthcare consultant in New Jersey and at the Allegheny County Department of Human Services, Mr. Webster also served as Executive Director of the Consumer Health Coalition from 2000-2004, where he led the promotion of health policy and system changes that improved the health and healthcare of children, seniors, people with disabilities, and people who have difficulty accessing healthcare services. He was also Director of Policy at the Jewish Healthcare Foundation from 1996-2000, supporting statewide advancements in children's health insurance and managed care policy and helping to spawn the PRHI.

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B.A., Vassar College, Science, Technology & Society

Masters in Government Administration, University of Pennsylvania

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