Bill Boyd

Bill Boyd Value Capture

Chief Operating Officer.

ACHE Member, Certified Facilitator of the Shingo Institute, and Shingo Alumni.


Bill Boyd serves as Value Capture's Chief Operating Officer, and is responsible for business operations and overseeing all support functions. He is a seasoned healthcare professional with over a decade of practice integrating process improvement methodologies into how he leads. He is passionate about collaborating with healthcare teams to create better care experiences and outcomes for patients and families. In operational roles prior to joining Value Capture, he demonstrated a collaborative style with healthcare teams and patients that improved:

  • Quality (up to 80% reductions in defect rates)
  • Customer experience (geared products and services directly to what customers value)
  • Team member experience (reduced burden and aligned purpose in team members’ daily work)
  • Financial improvements (securing year-over-year productivity gains and reducing costs in staffing, materials, and equipment)

Bill has also previously served as a faculty member at Catalysis, helping coach and teach numerous organizations. Bill is a leader who continually improves how he works with teams.

His approach aims to always meet a team where they are and then work together to drive toward perfection. He has experience in traditional Lean methodologies, but has also studied, practiced, and taught Improvement and Coaching patterns (Katas) centered on PDCA cycles, employed product development methodologies, and worked with numerous change management models.

He is an exceptional listener, and through his humble coaching approach, paired with improvement expertise, has supported many teams in achieving breakthrough results.

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B.S.  University of Wisconsin Stevens Point, Medical Technology

M.P.A. University of Wisconsin Oshkosh

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