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Brad Toussaint has 30 years of experience as a healthcare administrator, consultant and coach, designing and building high-performing operations. After 16 years as a successful performance improvement consultant, Mr. Toussaint began his lean management journey as Vice President of Performance Excellence for what is now Stanford Children’s Health, looking for a better way to improve and sustain organizational performance. Leveraging his own internal management experience, Mr. Toussaint now guides other healthcare leaders on lean management system transformation.

Mr. Toussaint’s core passion is helping organizations think differently about management, and to apply that different thinking in a way that drives improved performance. To that end, Mr. Toussaint advises executive teams on planning, implementation, and execution of enterprise-wide management systems. He also specializes in the development and implementation of lean daily management systems to support stability, execution, and improvement at the front line. His clients have included large public and private healthcare systems, academic medical centers, and community hospitals and clinics, both in the U.S. and abroad. Through his collaborative and practical approach, Mr. Toussaint has a demonstrated history of effectiveness in building understanding, capability, and alignment in complex organizations to move them forward on their lean journeys, toward sustainable results.

Mr. Toussaint has led over 20 lean study trips to leading lean organizations in both healthcare and in manufacturing. He has also been a key contributor to the Bay Area Performance Improvement Network (BAPIN), having served as a speaker, moderator, and study trip leader over the past several years. Mr. Toussaint has also spoken internationally on lean leadership, lean transformation, and lean management systems in the U.S., Canada, and the Middle East.

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