Join Mark Graban at the 2021 Shingo Annual Conference, as he helps you overreact less, improve more, and lead better. You’ll learn to distinguish signal from noise in metrics and performance measures, allowing you to make better use of limited time to focus and prioritize improvement. Attendees will get to participate in the famed “Red Bead Experiment,” which is a fun way to bring these lessons to life. We will also learn how to create and interpret “process behavior charts” that help us understand when statistically-significant improvements have been made or when a system requires the right kind of investigation and improvement interventions.

Learning Objectives:

  • Create Process Behavior Charts from data sets
  • Use “Process Behavior Charts” to identify “signals” in performance metrics
  • Describe the three main rules used to identify signals
  • Predict future behavior of a metric in a “predictable” process
  • Articulate advantages of PBCs over other visualization and evaluation methods

This year's Conference theme is "Embracing Change & Sustaining Excellence." Learn more about the 2021 Shingo Conference and register here.

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