All leaders pursue success for the organizations they lead. Precious resources are committed to improvement projects and initiatives. New systems and tools are deployed, gains are made, but then they often recede. Despite all the best intentions and detailed planning, a seemingly unbreakable cycle of progress, gain, plateau and regress settles in. Something must be missing, but what?

The Shingo Model*

Systems and tools are not enough to sustain excellent performance. Only people can sustain excellence, and they can do so only when the organizational culture promotes and engages their capability to succeed. A corporate culture – the behavior of an enterprise and its people – is based upon the principles that drive the organization.

The Shingo Model is derived from Three Insights of Enterprise Excellence*

  1. Ideal results require ideal behaviors
  2. Beliefs and systems drive behaviors
  3. Principles inform ideal behavior

Thus, the Shingo Model recognizes that sustainable excellence ultimately rests upon principle-driven behavior. There are 10 Shingo Guiding Principles that become the basis for building a lasting culture and achieving enterprise excellence. The Guiding Principles, which include Respect Every Individual, Focus on Process, and Create Value for the Customer, have long served as inspiration and a beacon for Value Capture and our work with clients.

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