The Value Capture leadership model provides a framework for leaders seeking to transform their organizations to simultaneously produce unprecedented results in:

  • Safety/Quality
  • Cost
  • Lead Time

Building on the foundation of leadership, from the bottom up, each element sequentially develops the organization's capacity for rapid improvement.

Value Capture Leadership Model Triangle Diagram


Using this model, leaders and their organizations simultaneously strive for results in three key areas, without tradeoffs between safety/quality, lead time, and cost. Working together, we can strive for "habitual excellence" and the "theoretical limits of performance" in all measures simultaneously.

Value to the Customer

Goods and services that are safer, higher quality, lower cost, more customized, and more immediately available.

Value to the Employee

Safety, productivity growth, skill development, and increased job satisfaction.

Value to the Enterprise

Lower cost, increased volume, higher profit, greater employee retention.


The Core of the Model

The model requires participation and leadership across five different dimensions. Starting with the foundation...


Leaders at the very top of the organization must:

  • Accept personal responsibility for everything that occurs in your organization
  • Design your business strategy to enable every employee to live according to shared values every day.
  • Anchor transformation in safety (physical and psychological)
  • Set goals at perfect to unlead and focus people's efforts


Leaders, at all levels, must:

  • Make data actionable: 'real time' and 'one at a time'
  • Share this information with everyone
  • Highlight the human impact of things gone wrong

Systems Understanding

Leaders, at all levels, must:

  • Teach everyone to see waste and risk
  • See waste and risk as opportunities
  • Use direct observation and actionable data

The Science of Complex Operations

Leaders, at all levels, must:

  • Support problem solving in real time
  • Embed the Principles of Operational Excellence

    Organizational Design

    Leaders, at all levels, must:

  • Decrease hierarchy
  • Reorganize operational roles to support the fastest possible improvement
  • Make developing people a core daily function of the management system

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