Leading with Safety: Accelerating Towards Habitual Excellence

Coming in 2022

A Two-Day Executive Seminar at Duke Health

"Leadership matters. With it everything is possible. Without it, nothing is possible. "

Paul O'Neill, Sr. 1935 - 2020

Join Value Capture and The Leapfrog Group for this intensive and interactive two-day executive seminar for health system CEOs, executives, and Board Members who want to better understand their unique roles and how to achieve zero harm for patients and staff. Focusing on safety provides a foundation for habitual excellence in all dimensions of their organizations' performance, including quality, accessibility, morale and cost.

The pandemic has highlighted the need for better methods and systems to protect patient and worker safety while decreasing staff burden and increasing innovation to secure the future of the organization as a whole.  This will require a shift in paradigms, mental models, and the role of the leader and leadership team.   

Learning Objectives:

  1. Expose participants to the aspirational framework of “theoretical limits” performance, influenced by Paul O’Neill 
  2. Understand the unique key role senior leaders play in achieving zero harm and habitual excellence  
  3. Create peer-to-peer connections 
  4. Design the beginnings of an action plan for each participant's organization

This seminar will be hosted at Duke Health in Durham, North Carolina. The date will be determined based on conditions that are safe for travel and in-person learning.

As part of this session, Leapfrog will provide a competitive benchmark report tailored to your organization and provide the opportunity for one-on-one exploration of your scores against your peers and what’s possible. 

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