Patient flow and inpatient length of stay is not new work for health systems. But it is a major current challenge, deeply entangled with the current cost crisis.

Staff shortages, new staff, and bottlenecks have inflated inpatient length of stay in many health systems. Yet, we've been seeing health system customers get real breakthroughs in moving LOS to near the ideal. 

How you can avoid

4 Common Pitfalls When Improving Patient Flow

engage caregivers in every step of the improvement process
Take a system view to improvement, working across the continuum of care (including prehospital, home health, and primary care).
Apply Lean principles and scientific problem solving to diagnose and design effective countermeasures
Experiment towards ideal (safe, high-quality care that meets patients’ needs, without waste) to achieve no-tradeoffs improvement.

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Still want to learn more? 

Value Capture can help you address your unique issues that are preventing patient flow

Our team has expertise in developing flow in multiple industries with specific capability in healthcare. We have experience across health systems ranging from: 

  • Work in clinics
  • inpatient (acute) care
  • homecare/hospices
  • connection with insurers
healthcare clinics
Inpatient Care
Acute care
Hospice care
Healthcare payors and insurers
emergency department
patient flow

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