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John Collodora brings deep and diverse experience to the Value Capture team, with 25 years in manufacturing, supply chain, and healthcare. During his career, John has served in front-line roles, in addition to engineering and operations leadership.  During the past 10+ years, John has studied and practiced under the guidance of Toyota Production System Senseis, while developing and coaching the application of:  visual systems; standard work systems; problem-solving systems; and, supportive leadership within management systems.  John’s work has sustainable, impactful results within each industry, hospital, and primary care clinic that he has served.

John is a participative leader; teams that he has coached have accomplished and sustained results of decreased:  patient wait times; left-without-being-seen rates; cost per unit of service; infection rates; pressure ulcer rates; and falls.  Additionally, John has coached teams that achieved increased: customer experience; availability of supplies; 1st case on-time start; and, engagement of care team members.

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B.S. Mechanical Engineering, Operations Research – University of Minnesota, Institute of Technology

M.S. Manufacturing Systems – University of Minnesota, Carlson School of Management & Institute of Technology


Lean Bronze Certification, Shingo/AME/ASQ/SME (2012)

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