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Welcome to Episode #41 of Habitual Excellence, presented by Value Capture.

Our guest today is Dan Varnum, an Executive Coach with his company Varnum Group. After 30+ years as an executive leading large and small healthcare organizations, Dan has shifted his time to focus exclusively on my passion - developing executive leaders to reach their full potential.   

Dan has a Bachelors of Science in Industrial Engineering from Iowa State University and a Masters in Business Administration from Drake University.

In today's episode, host Mark Graban talks with Dan about topics including:

  • What are you currently doing and what role did you retire from?
  • How has an education in industrial engineering and business helped you in your career path?
  • Why get an MBA vs MHA or MPH? 
  • Why are projects not enough to change culture?
  • Why is developing people such a passion for you?
  • What’s the leader’s role in creating culture?
  • Why does culture beat strategy?
  • Why is self awareness such an important leadership trait?
  • Why is leadership development, especially for MDs, so crucial?



"I genuinely believe culture is all about leadership and leaders drive the culture of the organization. Everybody's watching their actions, their words, their reactions, even, even the little subtle reactions."

"I went into healthcare as an industrial engineer back in 1983 when that was not a very common career path."

"Following your values... It's really all about values. Values drive culture. And so having those values, respect and transparency and trust are just so critical. "

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