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Welcome to Episode #37 of Habitual Excellence, presented by Value Capture.

Our guest is David B. Mayer, MD, the Chief Executive Officer of the Patient Safety Movement Foundation and Executive Director of the MedStar Institute for Quality and Safety.

Dr. Mayer attended the University of Illinois at Chicago for both his undergraduate and medical degrees. He completed his internship and residency at Michael Reese Hospital and Medical Center, followed by a fellowship in cardiac anesthesia. Additionally, he co-produced the patient safety educational film series titled “The Faces of Medical Error…From Tears to Transparency,” which won numerous awards including the prestigious Aegis Film Society Top Short Documentary Award.

In today's episode, host Mark Graban asks David about topics including:

  • How did you take such an interest in healthcare quality and safety?
  • What happened when you witnessed a surgeon lie to a patient about an error?
  • What is the Seven Pillars Program?
  • What is the CANDOR program?
  • Is "zero harm" possible? How do you engage with people about that?
  • What are your hopes for the Biden administration approach on patient safety?
  • What is your "moon shot" effort? See video
  • What do you remember about bringing Paul O’Neill in to speak at MedStar?
  • Should there be a national patient safety authority?

Value Capture is proud to be an official partner of the Patient Safety Movement Foundation.



"I asked our administration in the 90s, how come we don't track my complication rates, my infection rates? I was always assured, 'Oh, I'm sure you're good.'"

 "If I had raised my hand and said, 'You know what, no, that's not what happened,' I probably wouldn't have finished my residency."

"We should strive for zero [harm]. We understand that that's a lofty, challenging goal, but we don't see any other number that makes us happy that creates the urgency we need."

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