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Welcome to Episode #33 of Habitual Excellence, presented by Value Capture.

We have two guests today, from Mount Sinai Morningside, a hospital in New York City. They are Lucy Xenophon, MD, MPH, the Chief Transformation Officer for the hospital, and Arthur Gianelli, MBA, MPH, the Chief Transformation Officer for the Mount Sinai system and he is also hospital president of Mount Sinai Morningside.

Host Mark Graban, Lucy, and Art talk about their Lean journey, which started about six years ago at Mount Sinai Morningside. They view Lean as not only continuous improvement, but also a cultural transformation and a management system. Lucy and Art talk about how their Lean management practices, like huddles, served as a foundation that helped them deal with Covid pandemic. They used an iterative approach to meeting new needs, such as figuring out how staff could visually monitor patients without being in the room -- a story that includes drilling holes in walls for cables, Nest cameras, iPads, and more.

They both talk about how their leadership roles changed during the pandemic and how they struck a balance between using formal Kaizen events, when needed, and staff knowing how to do smaller improvements without events.

We also talk about how they ramped up for the Covid vaccinations, walking the "gemba" (workplace) to identify stakeholders and to engage them in figuring out what to do. They used "dress rehearsals" that identified improvements before patients even arrived. Because they had Lean foundations of daily management and standardized work, staff were very equipped to set up and improve this new process with new requirements.

Lucy and Art also talk about how they've shared what they've done and learned on social media, including a series of "Lean Hacks" on LinkedIn, podcasts, and other platforms. See links to these after the video and audio links below.


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"There was lots and lots of process work that needed to happen. And we iterated on the fly, as we were setting it up, because we didn't know what it would look like. And the only way that we had some semblance of what it would look like is by doing these dress rehearsals on these mock vaccinations."

"These were small innovations that all added up to our ability to be able to successfully navigate the treacherous waters of the pandemic.".

"Making the investments in culture and making the investments in continuous improvement capabilities ahead of time, and withdrawing against those investments during the time of crisis, was utterly critical. And it was instrumental in our ability to navigate the minefields that COVID-19 placed in our way."

"President Biden and your team, let's do a reboot. Let's look at [Covid vaccination] from a process improvement perspective and just value stream map the entire thing, from a patient perspective — what does it look like?"

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