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Welcome to Episode #28 of Habitual Excellence, presented by Value Capture.

Our guest is Rob MacIsaac, the president of Hamilton Health Sciences, from Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.

Today, we talk about how he got involved in healthcare leadership (after previously being the mayor of Burlington, Ontario, among other leadership roles). Rob shares reflections on meeting the late Paul O'Neill and what he learned from those interactions. Rob also shares three key takeaways about leadership:

  1. everybody has to be valued and respected
  2. everyone feels they are a member of a team, contributing to mission
  3. everybody needs to have the right tools to do their job

We also discuss what it means to be respected in the workplace, what it means to be recognized, and why leaders need to push toward “theoretical limits.”

We hope you enjoy the episode. We'll be back in two weeks after taking the Thanksgiving week off…



"The first [rule] is that no organization can be successful unless everybody feels valued and respected."

"The second [rule] is that everybody in the organization really has to feel that they understand they're a member of the team and what the team is trying to accomplish."

"Unless you give [everybody] some say in the organization and the ability to actually have some input into how you're running the organization, you cannot get to the upper echelons of quality..."

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