AUSTIN, Texas, March 10, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- KaiNexus (, the leading continuous improvement software company, has released a free version of its platform in an effort to facilitate international collaboration on improving COVID-19 vaccine administration. Vaccinating organizations use VacciNexus to share improvements that have a meaningful impact, such as preventing errors and reducing waiting times for those being vaccinated.

Access to VacciNexus is currently available to anyone involved in the vaccination process, including healthcare workers and public health officials at

"This pandemic is the most significant world event of our generation, and organizations are struggling through it on their own," said Dr. Greg Jacobson, KaiNexus CEO and Co-Founder. "We are excited to help save lives by providing a free platform to promote the sharing of small improvements, great innovations, and best practices so that people can work together and we can accelerate the immunization of the world's population."

The VacciNexus platform originated from a conversation between Helen Zak, president and chief operating officer of the healthcare advisory firm Value Capture and Mark Graban, a senior advisor to both KaiNexus and Value Capture, in which Zak expressed an observation that her healthcare clients needed a way to share and learn from each other. KaiNexus was identified as the best and easiest solution, and early adopters began using the platform within a few days.

To date, the VacciNexus platform has active participants from 28 US states and 7 countries, including representatives from hospitals, governmental bodies, mass vaccination sites, and clinics. Users can submit questions for the vaccination improvement community and share specific improvements that they've successfully implemented in their own organizations. In this way, they're helping each other tackle their most pressing concerns and making their vaccination efforts faster and safer.

Some questions that the community has rallied behind solving include how to ensure people who get the first dose also get the second, how to error-proof against giving the wrong vaccine when they have multiple vaccines at a single site, and how to plan pop-up vaccination clinics.

Verlyn Hawks from Utah Navajo Health Systems (UNHS) is one participant in VacciNexus. Given the very remote and rural nature of their patient population, UNHS has chosen to take vaccine clinics on the road, and, for the last several weeks, have offered drive-through clinics and clinics at community sites. In their region, this means that they must contend with snowstorms and wind-chills approaching zero.

To combat the extreme temperatures, the UNHS team repurposed a mobile dental unit in which a team of people can manage supplies, vaccines, and paperwork. The unit arrives at the site two hours early to warm up for the pharmacist, who then comes to reconstitute and draw the syringes before passing them out to each vaccine station in small batches to prevent re-freezing.

Sharing ideas like these means that other VacciNexus users can adopt or adapt these methods (and the lessons learned) to their specific environment. Or, seeing the improvement work of others often sparks their own improvement ideas. "There's no need for every vaccinating organization to each continually reinvent the wheel," said Graban. "The work they are doing is very similar, so these organizations and process improvement leaders certainly benefit from having a place where they can share and learn from each other. Accelerating our progress here means a quicker end to the pandemic."

About KaiNexus

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