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Let’s talk about safety!

Take a moment and think…

How do you define safety?

At Value Capture, we define 3 types of safety…

  1. Physical
  2. Emotional
  3. Professional

Physical Safety... what is it?

Harm or injury from a physical object or practices that include a physical object.

Why is focusing on physical safety so important?

To be free from physical harm is a basic right. No one should come to work and be hurt.

Putting physical safety at the forefront in your organization shows respect and value for each and every worker.

Emotional safety… what is it?

Harm that occurs when a situation disintegrates into “who to blame” for problems.

Why is understanding emotional safety so important?

When time and energy is spent on blame, there are missed opportunities to learn from and improve processes, ensuring that problems are likely to recur.

People can also be readily willing to accept blame. It is important to note that avoiding blame does not mean no individual responsibility.

Professional safety… what is it?

Harm that occurs when people do not feel free to call out any observed or experienced issues without fear of repercussion or punitive action.

Why is addressing professional safety so important?

Thinking about professional safety can give people a way to express interpersonal challenges that can occur as an organization works hard to change and improve.

No person should ever be laid off as a result of exposing and fixing problems.

To recap, 3 types of safety:

  1. Physical
  2. Emotional
  3. Professional

Let’s reflect: How does your organization think about safety? How professionally safe do you feel in your organization?

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