Didier Rabino

Didier Rabino Value Capture

Vice President of Advisory Services. Certified Facilitator of the Shingo Institute.


Prior to joining Value Capture, Didier Rabino served as Vice President, Executive Lean Sensei of Fairview Health Services. In this role, he provided coaching to senior executives and Board of Directors members. His contributions to the organization began in 2012 to bring Lean principles, techniques and management systems to the health system. During his tenure, he initiated strategy deployment, A3 thinking, and a daily engagement system that produces more than 40,000 ideas per year.

Accomplishments Mr. Rabino’s partners achieved include: improvement of customer experience from the 73rd to 99th percentile; reduction of the number of call lights by 57%; reduction of homecare administrative cycle time by 75%; and, elimination of material shortages in clinics.

Prior to working in healthcare, Mr. Rabino spent eight years at Andersen Corporation as the plant manager in Menomonie, Wisconsin, and as the leader of the Lean Promotion Office, where he developed and deployed the Andersen Manufacturing System. He also worked for 13 years at Steelcase in England, France and Michigan, serving in several leadership positions in operations, R&D and logistics. He is one of the architects of the Steelcase Production System.

Mr. Rabino is Director of the Association for Manufacturing Excellence North Central Region Board, a Shingo examiner and certified facilitator, a faculty member for Catalysis, and an instructor for Manufacturers Alliance and for the Shingo Lean Bronze certification. He obtained Lean certificates from the University of Michigan, the University of Tennessee, Kellogg University, the Lean bronze certification from the Shingo Institute, and the 3P certification from Shingijutsu Global Consulting.

Mr. Rabino is the 27th recipient of the Honorary Member Award of the Institute of Industrial Engineering. Past recipients include Edwards Deming, Lee Iacocca, W. Von Braun, and Herbert C. Hoover.

Over the past 25 years, Mr. Rabino has been leading and supporting Lean transformations and new process implementations in manufacturing and healthcare organizations, including through his consulting company, Lean Management Systems LLC.

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Wood Mechanical Engineering, University of Nancy (France)

Business and Administration, University of Perpignan (France)

Master’s in Industrial Sciences, Louis Pasteur University (France)


Shingo Trainer for Discover Excellence (2021)

Shingo Examiner (2019)

Shingo/AME/ASQ/SME - Lean Bronze Certification (2013)

Northwestern University - Factory Physics (2005)

University of Michigan - Lean Certificate (2001)

University of Tennessee - Lean Certificate (2000)

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