Value Capture is excited to announce that Bill Boyd will serve as our new Chief Operating Officer, effective May 21, 2022. Bill will be responsible for business operations, and he will oversee all support functions.

"I am humbled to be stepping into this role. Value Capture has such a rich history and is an incredibly talented team; that combination sets the bar remarkably high! I am excited for the chance to keep building on our nearly two decades of progress and success.”

Bill has extensive healthcare operations leadership experience and has a national reputation in the continuous improvement movement. He joined Value Capture in 2018 as a Client Advisor, working closely with Value Capture clients, leading and coaching onsite, designing and implementing safety problem solving, daily management systems, value stream improvements, coaching and pattern implementation in the frontline work, and other Lean models.

In October 2021, Bill added to his responsibilities by taking on the role of Director of Innovation, Learning and Networks. In this role, Bill has been helping to guide Value Capture’s approach to supporting leaders and Value Capture team members to be on the cutting edge of safety practices, as subject matter experts and through safety best practice integration with the Value Capture Way.

Ken Segel, Value Capture CEO, describes the experience and attributes that led to Bill’s elevation to the key position of Chief Operating Officer: “Bill’s many strengths and track record include his deep and wide operations experience, his rapid system-building mindset and abilities, his knowledge of Value Capture advisory work as the value-added core of our business and the need to be a great supplier to those doing the work of supporting our clients. He possesses a constructive ‘lean’ toward important problems, a mastery of continuous improvement mindset and methodologies, and a strong coaching orientation. Just as importantly, Bill’s humility, respect for his peers, and respect for subject matter experts, including those he will be working closely with in areas he has less experience, are also ingredients for success.”

Helen Zak, Value Capture’s outgoing COO and President, said, “I am thrilled that Bill will be a member of Value Capture’s leadership team. Bill will deliver great value and support to each member of our team as they help healthcare leaders create the culture and systems of continuous improvement, people development, and perfect safety. He is a humble leader, whose learn-by-doing mindset and scientific-method expertise will be a key factor in the success of our clients, our team, and our firm.”

Bill adds, "The entire world, including healthcare providers, staff and leaders, are emerging from a profoundly challenging time dealing with the pandemic. Across the industry, healthcare team members are facing increasingly dangerous places to work (especially in terms of violence in the workplace), leaders are encountering new challenges to overcome, and the healthcare sector continues to increase costs without vastly improved outcomes. I view this time in history as one where Value Capture’s Mission - Habitual Excellence, starting with Safety - is even more vitally important, and I look forward to doing my best to help our team and our partners make a difference.”

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