Pittsburgh, PA, October 26, 2018  — Value Capture welcomes Bill Boyd, a proven healthcare operations leader, thought leader and practitioner in coaching and implementing process improvement methodologies, including Lean (developed in manufacturing as the Toyota Production System).  He joins the internationally respected team of trusted advisors at Value Capture, bringing his deep expertise as a coach and Lean Sensei to Value Capture’s clients.

Ken Segel, Managing Director and co-founding Principal of Value Capture, said, “The stellar body of work that our team has built throughout years of helping healthcare leaders embed the principles, systems and tools of Lean and operational excellence throughout their workforces will shine even more brightly with the addition of Bill as a Client Advisor.  Our rigorous focus on principles-based improvement, and the power of building problem-solving capabilities for everyone, every day, not only helps our clients succeed and sustain success, it allows us to attract the best of the best.  We are happy to welcome Bill to our growing team of the best advisors in the field.”

Leading Transformation in the Healthcare Sector in a Challenging Environment

Value Capture’s methodology and coaching expertise have helped healthcare organizations across North America achieve continuous improvement in clinical, financial, patient and employee satisfaction, and other measures. Value Capture’s methodology is built upon co-founder and former Alcoa CEO Paul O’Neill’s success utilizing a focus on “perfect safety” to transform that manufacturing giant into the world’s safest workplace, while simultaneously increasing efficiency, profitability and market value.

“Healthcare at both a macro and micro level is in need of reform.  Healthcare team members overcome broken processes continuously throughout their days; the need for change is paramount.  Patients, families, and the entire healthcare team deserve solutions,” Boyd describes.  “My personal mission is to work with my Value Capture colleagues to partner with organizations in the creation of sustainable positive changes.”

Always Looking Forward

Significantly, Boyd was a key leader at ThedaCare, Inc. during its breakthrough Lean transformation.  Boyd has been given credit in John Toussaint and Roger Gerard’s book “On the Mend” for his work as an operational leader, and more recently acknowledged in Mike Rother’s newest book, “The Toyota Kata Practice Guide,” resulting from his application of rapid-cycle experimentation through use of Improvement and Coaching Katas.  As a leader and coach, Boyd always proactively looks for solutions to help teach his teams to succeed in improving, walking beside them throughout implementation.

Boyd’s experience in process improvement began in 2004 at ThedaCare, where he was part of the groundbreaking vanguard experimenting with Lean.  He has coached organizations across the United States, leveraging his strength of deep operational understanding combined with over a decade of refining process improvement and coaching methods.  He has worked with some of the best Sensei in the Lean world and helped experiment and inform current process improvement thinking and practice.  In his time at ThedaCare, he routinely led strategic priority initiatives employing Lean thinking to drive success.

Geoff Webster, the leader of Value Capture’s West Coast office and a co-founding Principal, notes, “Bill’s wealth of operational expertise, coupled with his deep, values-based coaching experience, blend perfectly with his passion for improving the outcomes for patients and their families.  Bill makes our strong team of client advisors even better.  Bill is seamlessly integrating into client work, and collaboratively learning with his new colleagues.  We are proud to welcome Bill to the Value Capture family.”

Boyd will work closely with Value Capture clients, leading and coaching onsite, designing and implementing daily management systems, value stream improvements, coaching and pattern implementation in the gemba,  and other Lean models. “I’m excited to join a tremendously talented team all focused on making things better,” Boyd explains. “I want our clients to know that we are a 100% partner with them and invested in their success.”

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