Safety - for patients, workers, visitors, for all - has always been the driving focus of Value Capture's work. We believe that "perfect safety," or "zero harm," is the single most powerful goal an organization can set. No patient, provider, worker, leader, or visitor, wants to be harmed due to their interactions with or in the health system or entity. No one has ever raised their hand in answer to this question - "Will you please raise your hand if you want to acquire an infection while in the hospital, or while you're working at or visiting the hospital?"

The Institute for Healthcare Improvement is a strong advocate for using improvement science to advance and sustain better outcomes in health and health care across the world. The IHI raises awareness of safety and quality, accelerates learning and the systematic improvement of care, develops solutions to previously intractable challenges, and mobilizes health systems, communities, regions, and nations to reduce harm and deaths.

Each year, the IHI specially recognizes the efforts and advances made in improving safety for patient and for health workers, through its initiative, Patient Safety Awareness Week.

Of course, improving safety requires continuous focus, structure, systems and empowerment. It is important to concentrate such focus by way of awareness, and celebrate progress (which is usually hard-won). Value Capture thanks the IHI for promoting awareness of, and celebrating advances in, patient and worker safety.

Learn more from IHI CEO Kedar Mate, and Vice President, Safety Programs, Patricia McGaffigan, in this Habitual Excellence podcast episode, in which they discuss patient and worker safety, the IHI National Action Plan to Advance Patient Safety, the influence of Paul O'Neill, Sr., and more. Please also visit our Thought Leadership from Valued Partners page to access selected resources from some of Value Capture's key partners.

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