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Welcome to Episode #53 of Habitual Excellence, presented by Value Capture.

In today's episode, our guest is Bill Boyd, a Senior Advisor with Value Capture. He was previously our guest in Episode 32 of the podcast, talking about “Improving in an Experimental Way; A3, PDSA, Kata, and More."

Bill also has a new role at Value Capture as the Director of Innovation, Learning and Networks.

In the episode, Bill discusses that role and the following with our host, Mark Graban:

  • Tell us about that role — your duties and how it came to be?
  • A free 15-minute virtual learning course, “3 systems: A key to transformation
  • Episode 18 with Didier Rabino on the three systems
  • Your initial hypothesis for the role and what are you learning so far?
  • What is "world class" and how do we find data on who the world class organizations are, related to safety?
  • How will this work and your focus benefit our clients?

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"Value Capture has always been principles focused, but really focused on respecting every individual and really focused on safety." Bill Boyd

"If you know, somebody who is the best of the best in employer or patient safety, please reach out. I'd love to talk to you and learn from you." Bill Boyd

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