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Welcome to Episode #48 of Habitual Excellence, presented by Value Capture.

Our guest today is Samuel Ashby, director of performance excellence at Legacy Health, an organization that Value Capture is pleased to work with and support.

Samuel is a certified Toyota Production System leader with twenty five years of Lean, Six Sigma, and Change Management experience with various Fortune 500 companies. He is a proven thought leader that has delivered significant Speed, Cost, Quality and People Development improvements to the business. He has worked for Legacy Health for over five years now.

In today's episode, host Mark Graban asks him about these questions and topics:

  • You recently gave a talk on “Fostering a Resilient Culture” at the recent Lean Healthcare Transformation Summit from Catalysis, how do you define resiliency?
  • How did you maintain resiliency as a child?
  • Resiliency in the face of systemic racism?
  • The role of empathy and openness as being an effective ally?
  • What does it mean to be an anti-racist organization? Goals and measures?
  • Resiliency during the pandemic for you and your colleagues?
  • How do Lean principles and methods help, such as A3 thinking and respect for people?
  • Goal: safest place to receive and deliver care?
  • ZERO harm for physical, psychological, and professional safety
  • Tell us about partnering with Value Capture on the Legacy Operating System
  • Early experiences at Toyota?? Reflections and advice for others?
  • Transferrable concepts, but not absolute
  • The Rules in Use article by Steve Spear

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"Our aspirational goal is to become a safe place to both receive and to deliver care with a goal of having zero for physical, psychological, and professional safety events, for both patients and for [staff]."

"I think the first thing is to understand that these Lean principles, though not absolute, are transferable. And then there's some fine detailing relative to an environment..."

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