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Welcome to Episode #44 of Habitual Excellence, presented by Value Capture.

Our guest is Roxanna Gapstur, PhD, RN, the President and Chief Executive Officer of WellSpan Health, in Pennsylvania. She has been in that role since January 2019.

Dr. Gapstur has extensive experience in strategic planning, business development and operational leadership in both ambulatory and hospital settings. She has served in multiple executive roles including chief operating officer, chief nursing officer and as a senior executive accountable for population health.

Dr. Gapstur obtained her bachelor’s degree from the College of St. Catherine in St. Paul, Minn., and her master’s degree and doctorate from the University of Minnesota.

In today's episode, host Mark Graban asks her about these questions and topics:

  • You’re leading the creation and adoption of a comprehensive lean management system — what does that mean and what do you aim to achieve?
    • "Find a better way"
    • 4Cs: Concern, Cause, Countermeasure, and Check
    • Aiming for cultural transformation
    • Focusing on safety - patient/employee - zero harm
  • As part of that management system, what is Real Time Problem Solving and what are your keystone goals?
  • How will you follow through on the promise of having 20,000 problem solvers?
    • An example of using the "help chain"
  • How do you engage with your leaders and teams? 
    • Tiered huddles
    • What’s an example of something you’ve learned through those "Working as One" calls?
  • Tell us about the importance of you, as CEO, getting alignment, focusing on culture, and leading the transformation…

Watch the Episode:


"I have really enjoyed learning more through the Value Capture process about Real-Time Problem Solving. This process probably can be most helpful to our frontline team members."

"Having a comprehensive Lean management system is much more than a set of tools. It's actually a cultural transformation."

"It came through loud and clear that our leaders loved Lean and that it was giving them support to how they were managing."

"So having that daily action that I take to say, 'Employee and patient safety are so important that I'm going to learn about those each and every day.'"

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