June 1, 2019 – Value Capture is very pleased to announce that it has become a sponsor of the Center for Lean Engagement & Research in Healthcare (CLEAR), opened in October 2016 by the UC Berkeley School of Public Health.

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Recognizing that much of the existing research on the efficacy of the application of lean methodology to healthcare was based on weak designs, CLEAR was created to conduct and foster better research on lean in healthcare organizations. CLEAR’s goals are to (1) conduct in-house leading-edge research on lean in healthcare, beginning with the first national survey of lean in hospitals; (2) collaborate with specific healthcare organizations and other health services researchers on focused studies of the effects of lean in particular organizations and departments; and (3) facilitate research among other researchers and healthcare delivery organizations through resources and information available on its website.

Armed with more comprehensive understanding, healthcare leaders and organizations will be able to design and execute more effective strategies to transform the provision of care, improve patient outcomes, and do so more quickly and at lower cost.

The mission of Value Capture is to help healthcare organizations transform to continually and sustainably deliver significantly higher safety and quality to patients while lowering costs. Transformed organizations can then serve as models of excellence, helping to show the way and spread transformation throughout the industry. The work of CLEAR will provide actionable information to leaders to undertake and effect such transformations, and thus will help Value Capture better support leaders and achieve its mission.

About UC Berkeley School of Public Health

The first school of public health west of the Mississippi, the University of California, Berkeley, School of Public Health was founded in 1943 on the Berkeley campus. It is one of 50 schools accredited by the Council on Education for Public Health. The UC Berkeley School of Public Health improves population health, especially for the most vulnerable, through interdisciplinary collaborations to meet health needs and achieve health equity, preeminent education that challenges convention and develops diverse leaders, and transformational research on the major public health threats and opportunities of today and tomorrow.

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