Pittsburgh, PA, November 8, 2018 – Value Capture welcomes Tony Milian, a passionate coach, practitioner, and designer of healthcare system transformation. He joins the widely respected team at Value Capture as a Senior Advisor.

“Driving sustainable system-wide transformative levels of performance improvement continues to be a significant challenge for healthcare leaders. Only a few trusted advisory groups have reliably helped their healthcare clients deliver consistent, sustained results. The Value Capture team has a proven track record of engaging leaders, providers and staff in doing just that, by helping health systems clearly align work, management and improvement systems to foundational principles,” said Milian. “I am honored to join this team of leaders who equally share a passion for making healthcare institutions safer – for patients and staff -- as well as more affordable places to receive quality care. My Value Capture colleagues tirelessly focus on unlocking the problem-solving capability of every employee every day. This approach not only delivers significant results, it instills a passion in every employee by empowering them to make their work and patients’ outcomes better every day.”

Geoff Webster, Co-founding Principal of Value Capture, said, “We were privileged to have Tony work with us a few years ago when we were partnering with the University of Virginia Health System to support improved performance in the development of their ACO. Tony’s keen understanding of Lean improvement and his “we’re in this together” coaching approach help create rapid and sustained gains in patient outcomes, employee engagement and financial savings. He’s a perfect fit for Value Capture.”

Milian’s experience in improvement began in manufacturing. Milian held various positions with Johnson & Johnson, Inc., where he directly supported the manufacturing of medical devices. His first experience implementing the Toyota Production System led to a 600% increase in manufacturing throughput, while utilizing the same staffing levels. That single experience generated a career-long passion for improvement, and it also left Milian with a desire to master how to win over the hearts and minds of employees, so that improvement isn’t happening to them but through them. “I remember how surprised and excited I was when all of our analysis came together to produce this amazing result. I also remember how disappointed I was that our line staff didn’t receive the improvements with the same level of enthusiasm as our engineering team. This instilled in me a deep desire to learn how to engage and learn with employees in the improvement process.”

In 2008, Milian transitioned exclusively to healthcare, coaching leaders, providers, and staff globally through their improvement transformations. Milian has worked in Clinical Laboratories, Primary Care, Nursing, and Eye Care. Prior to joining Value Capture, Milian worked with over 400 Ophthalmology clinics, Optometry clinics, and Ambulatory Surgery Centers across the United States and Canada to improve customer experience, efficiency, quality of care, and financial performance. Milian is known for his ability to partner with organizations, large and small, to analyze their data, develop clear strategies, and then design and operationalize improvement systems so they can meet their strategic goals.

“As challenges mount ever higher for healthcare leaders, providers and staff, it is incumbent on us to continue to make our very strong team even stronger,” said Ken Segel, Value Capture Managing Director. “Tony brings great strengths as a coach, as a teacher and learning partner, and his laser-focus on process improvement has already helped one of our clients design the structure of their “Zero Harm” work. Welcome to the team, Tony.”

Value Capture is a Pittsburgh-based advanced operational excellence / Lean advisory firm. Founded in 2005, Value Capture’s innovative methodology, expert coaching services and scalable approach drive profound, sustained improvements, helping healthcare organizations change the way they work to provide better medical care at a lower cost.

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