The proceedings of the Fifth International High Reliability Conference, hosted by The Joint Commission, feature the testimony of Value Capture Principal Geoff Webster and other thought leaders in the field.  

Webster's call that "We must have the courage to aim for perfect" frames the opening page of the proceedings.  The conference was intended to help health care leaders learn and apply High Reliability principles, which "are used in industries striving for zero defects or errors in order to maximize safety among workers, communities and customers.  These industries, such as aviation and nuclear power, are highly complex and even small errors can cause catastrophic consequences." 

Among Webster's conference teachings cited by the proceedings are concrete demonstrations that "safety risks are associated with inefficient and costly processes," noting health care organizations that have achieved "90 percent failure reduction (while cutting) 30 to 50 percent of the costs out of a process."  The report also cites Webster showing how "safety culture in healthcare can be accomplished in very practical ways." Webster demonstrates how health care organizations have used "a 'problem log' system through which anyone in the organization can identify barriers to perfect performance and contribute to implementing system-wide solutions in as close to real time as possible."  

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The 2012 Fifth International High Reliability Conference (PDF)

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