Value Capture is very pleased to welcome Didier Rabino, who joins the firm as a Client Advisor.

“I am very excited to be part of the deeply talented Value Capture team,” Rabino said. “The firmly held principles of each professional, individually and collectively, seamlessly mesh with my own principles. I am anxious to begin to work with this team, and leverage my experiences to help coach executives and their teams to produce less waste, greater engagement, more effective systems, and better and better outcomes.”

“Every person working in a health system, whether they are the CEO, a clinician, in IT, billing or food services, is dedicated to helping patients have better outcomes and experiences. These people care. Often, the systems in which they work, such as medication delivery or getting the correct meal to a newly admitted patient, aren’t structured to consistently deliver the high quality service these employees want to provide to patients, families, and their co-workers. This is why it’s so important to me to do this work.”

For more than 25 years, Rabino has studied, practiced and coached the principles and methodologies of Lean, in a variety of industries. Since 2012, his work has been focused on the healthcare industry. Prior to joining Value Capture, Rabino served as Vice President, Executive Lean Sensei of Fairview Health Services. In this role, he supported the development of the Fairview Operating System and provided Lean coaching to the senior executive team and Board members. Prior to holding that position, he worked for Andersen Windows as plant manager and architect of the Andersen Manufacturing System. He also worked for Steelcase in England, France and in the United States leading and supporting Lean transformations and new process implementations.

Ken Segel, Value Capture Managing Director, said, “We are thrilled and honored that Didier is joining us. I have had the pleasure of learning from and sharing questions and thoughts in many conversations with Didier over the years, and I look forward to learning more with him in the years to come. The depth and breadth of expertise and experience that we can bring to bear for our partners is powerful, and no doubt, impactful.”

Rabino is also the director of the Association for Manufacturing Excellence (AME) North Central Region Board, instructor for Manufacturers Alliance and a regular presenter at Lean Conferences. He obtained Lean certificates from the University of Michigan, the University of Tennessee, Kellogg University and the Shingo/AME/SME Lean certification. He is the 27th recipient of the Institute of Engineering Honorary Member Award; the highest honor IIE grants an individual of acknowledged professional eminence who is not a member of the Institute.

Accomplishments Rabino’s partners have achieved include:  improvement of customer experience from the 73rd to 99th percentile; reduction of the number of call lights by 57%; reduction of homecare administrative cycle time by 75%; and, elimination of material shortages in clinics.

Welcome, Didier!

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