Value Capture is very pleased to announce that Senior Advisor Vickie Pisowicz is our Director of the Value Capture Way and Advisory Development, effective immediately.

In this role, Vickie will systematize Value Capture’s standards pathway to build and accelerate value creation for clients, as well as internal learning and improvement processes.

“Given the unprecedented challenges our healthcare professionals continue to face, I look forward to the opportunity to collaboratively capture, codify, and continuously improve the value creation work of our talented team and dedicated healthcare partners,” Vickie said. 

Value Capture’s vision is to help the leaders of health systems produce perfect health with zero harm, wait or waste — for patients, team, enterprise and community; this vision is aligned with our mission of “habitual excellence, starting with safety.”

By dedicating Vickie’s deep experience in creating and refining systems of performance and organizational improvement – rooted in Paul O’Neill’s principles of engaging everyone by setting “perfect” as the ultimate goal, and Toyota’s approach to developing a learning culture via the principles of the Toyota Production System (TPS) – Value Capture will more rapidly and comprehensively help healthcare leaders attain their goals.  

“Value Capture has always been absolutely dedicated to helping healthcare leaders achieve breakthrough performance and, more importantly, building the culture and systems to sustain such performance,” said Geoff Webster, President, Advisory Business. 

“This necessarily means that our client advisory team must have the continual learning and improvement systems themselves, in order to provide ever better service to our clients. With Vickie taking on the responsibilities of her new role, Value Capture will be in our strongest position ever to help our clients move more quickly, measurably and sustainably toward becoming the model of U.S. healthcare in terms of patient and worker safety, outcomes and financial strength.”  

Chief among Vickie’s responsibilities are:  

  • Collaboratively, with our team and partners, continue to develop, simplify, and improve core standards connected to the Value Capture Way, and  
  • Systematize and deploy advisor learning and development focused primarily on client value creation and professional development. 

“I am very excited to begin this work, which is vitally important to the success of our clients, as well as to the success of our own team. We have such a strong team, with a variety of backgrounds and learning. I plan to help codify processes that incorporate the very best of our respective experiences, test these processes as we collaboratively problem-solve with our clients, evaluate those tests, improve, and continue iterating. In other words, we will rigorously PDSA our own learning and standards to maximize our collective ability to collaborate and innovate with our partners to eliminate harm and broadly share those learnings in real time.”    

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