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Welcome to Episode #31 of Habitual Excellence, presented by Value Capture.

Joining us today is Iman Nazeeri-Simmons, MPH, the Chief Operating Officer at St. Charles Health System. Today, host Mark Graban asks Iman about the three values that are so important to her:

  • Joy
  • Love
  • Social Justice

iman simmons

Iman also talks about what it means to be aligned to values -- both personally and organizationally. How can we make sure that values are not just a slogan or a poster? How do the Shingo Principles affect her as a leader? How do we encourage behaviors that represent principles and values?

Mark and Iman also discuss what's often described as a "culture problem" and when would it be correct to call that "a leader behavior problem?" Iman also talks about what "respect for people" means to her, the value of "love of people," and honest, authentic communication. What does "respect for people" mean when we are having to manage conflict?



"[If you hear of a 'culture problem'], you actually have a 'leader behavior problem,' because all culture is the daily, monthly, yearly accumulation of leader behaviors."

"One of the first things I do as a leader is try to figure out what motivates people, what are their great loves, and to try to create conditions for them to become the most fulfilled with that."

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