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Welcome to Episode #34 of Habitual Excellence, presented by Value Capture.

We have two guests again today, both from Value Capture. They are Ken Segel, CEO and Managing Director of the firm, and Shana Padgett, a Senior Advisor. They are both Certified Facilitators of the Shingo Institute and Shingo Alumni.

In the episode, they talk with host Mark Graban about the Systems Design workshop, the Shingo Institute's newest workshop, which Value Capture is hosting in conjunction with our virtual host, Penn Medicine Lancaster General Health. Please join Shana for upcoming workshops in this series at LGH.

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Shana and Ken also give a lot of background into the Shingo approach, covering topics such as:

  • What is the Shingo Framework?
  • Why is the Shingo framework helpful, and even powerful for leaders?
  • What are “systems”? (an elevator pitch version) -- What does it mean to “design a system”?
  • What’s the format of the workshop? Virtual? How is the experience structured?
  • How does this workshop fit with other Shingo workshops? Are there any prerequisites?
  • What if you want to have your own workshop?
  • Why should you "visit" LGH March 9th and 10th?



"The [Shingo] framework really allows you to get back to first principles. Why are you here? Who do you serve? What do you stand for?"

"Healthcare organizations suffer from a lack of conscious thought about system design. They rarely have a set of principles that they use to design the work systems."

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