Value Capture is pleased to announce that John Collodora has joined the firm, serving as a Client Advisor.

“I am excited and honored to join the incredible professionals of Value Capture,” John said.

“Value Capture’s mission – to partner with healthcare leaders to help transform their organizations into models of performance excellence by systemically and systematically improving safety and quality, lead time, and financial outcomes – aligns with my own professional mission. The hard and vital work of all those in healthcare, from the front-line teams to the executives, inspires me, and drives me to share my lean experience and coaching techniques to help these dedicated folks improve the systems in which they do their work.”

John brings more than 25 years of experience to Value Capture, spanning manufacturing, supply chain and healthcare industries. John comes to Value Capture from Fairview Health Services, where, among other achievements, he helped design and implement daily management and strategy deployment systems, coached leaders and front-line staff in scientific-method problem solving, applied lean methodology to a variety of construction projects, and facilitated process redesign to improve patient experience and flow of services.

During his career, John has served in front-line roles, in addition to engineering and operations leadership.  John utilizes these experiences when coaching teams through change as they develop and sustain new processes that foster engagement of team members and improve the patient safety.

“As I’ve gotten to know John better over the past several months, I am particularly struck by how deeply embedded in principles is his improvement philosophy, the way he thinks about this work,” said Geoff Webster, Value Capture Principal and Engagement Team Lead. “Just as we help our clients base their work in universal principles, such as ‘respect for others,’ John helps his clients do the same. He helps them understand the essential value of a principles-based culture and systems. When challenges arise, when problems occur, when an organization needs help to accelerate and sustain progress, the embrace of principles as the guiding star helps to clarify thinking, planning and action. We look forward to the enormous strides our clients will make as they work with John.”

John added,

“Every day, I am inspired to work hard to help leaders, managers and front-line caregivers make a positive difference in the lives of patients, families, communities, and health workers. I am excited for the opportunity to do so as a member of the Value Capture team."

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