Taking a look back at the blog posts Value Capture published this year, I think it’s fair to say that a lot of timely, relevant topics were discussed and important issues raised. Authors span our team, providing a diversity of views and insights. Additionally, we are honored by the guest writers who took the time to share their expertise on our #RootCauseRacism series

Our full complement of blog posts addressed many areas that are mission-critical to healthcare leaders and their organizations. For example, posts discussed Patient Flow, Strategy Deployment, Culture, Leadership Principles, and Safety. Our Top 10 posts homed in on Healthcare Improvement and Performance, Leadership, Patient and Staff Safety, Psychological Safety, Problem Solving, and High Reliability/Lean. Important issues are shared across our blog, and based on the number of clicks, the issues of greatest interest are in the #RootCauseRacism series, which contributes four posts to this year's Top 10. So, without further ado....

Value Capture’s Top 10 blog posts of 2023. 

  1. How Lean Healthcare Organizations Should Adjust to Massively Outperform 
  2. Is “Pancake Syrup” an Answer to American Healthcare’s Woes, from Safety to the Cost Crisis? 
  3. Now How Do We Do It? How Lean Healthcare Organizations Should Adjust to Massively Outperform. 
  4. Envisioning Systematically Safe Spaces 
  5. High Reliability Organizations (HRO): Is This New or Old Thinking in Healthcare? 
  6. Navigating Patient Flow Challenges: A Lean Approach to Root-Cause Problem Solving 
  7. Beyond “Yes, But Leadership”: 10 Steps to Achieve Zero Harm 
  8. How to Foster Problem-Solving and Improvement 
  9. Organizations Cannot Solve Problems Unless Leaders Admit Them and Help Others Feel Safe Speaking Up 
  10. Improving Patient and Staff Safety with DEIA and Psychological Safety 

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